Exhibition at Fotofestiwal Łódź 2019 (13-30.06).

Dom Literatury, Roosevelta 17, Łódź.

Curator: Adam Pańczuk (Sputnik Photos)

Guided tour: 29.06, 15:00.

„Paradise Rivers” is a project based on a story of author's great-grandparents - Polish Jews who fled from Poland to Uzbekistan in 1939, in the atmosphere of an antisemitic campaign. It tells a story of an eternal, heavenly feeling forced into a cruel, temporary world and of two Uzbek rivers which according to the legend have their source in Paradise. As a result of human activities these rivers began to dry up which led to the drying of the Aral Sea, socio-ecological catastrophe and extinction of many species.The story also touches on the theme of durability and capacity of human-made images that are able to give a testimony and to connect us with the lost world but at the same time disappear and are subject to passing of time. Aware of cruelty and temporariness Światły believes in eternity and in photography. „Paradise Rivers” are going to be published in a photobook form that is going to be a kind of confession of this faith and a record of the photographic investigation.


Pictures no. 1 & 2 contain a photograph of a fragment of the art-work by Dorota Buczkowska.

Photo documentation of the exhibition: Weronika Sieradzka.

'Paradise rivers are drying up on Earth, but who goes along their banks, will reach the eternal garden' - Bahrom, a boy from the drugstore, claims that this is what they say here. Never heard it, but because I liked it, I wrote it down on the prescription and as soon as I got back home, I read it to Bolek. And he says that it is true and although he does not believe in God, he knows that after death, we will be together, we and those who are awaiting us. At first, I got really annoyed - what death, who the hell is awaiting us, and that those who stayed in the country are alive. I even slammed the door, but this was just for nothing, maybe I was tired. Later I even felt warm inside, thinking that we are together, somewhere else, a place where nothing can hurt us. Paradise rivers...

When you live in a city, you long for water, and here, everything is so dry and dusty, especially when it's windy, then really - a desert. I miss my parents and I am worried about them, but more and more often I also miss Włocławek and the Vistula. I will finish now, it is getting dark, supper is not ready, and I still have some things to do today.

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